We're so excited to invite you to the Second Annual Best-Seller's Summit and Awards Gala. The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™ was founded to honor best-selling authors around the world for their contribution to education, enlightenment and the advancement of business. This year it will hold its second ever Summit and Awards Gala and you have the opportunity to be there.

In addition to your recognition, we are also thrilled to present our Lifetime Achievement Award to, none other than, Brian Tracy, the author of more than 50 Best-Selling books, and trainer of more than 2.5 Million people! Brian has graciously accepted this honor and will be joining us for the awards Gala! Not only will Brian be present to accept his award, he has agreed to present a special talk to all of us about growing our businesses in the new economy.

This iconic event is going to be held at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA on October 20 & 21, 2011. The Roosevelt Hotel is famous in the Entertainment Industry because it is the home of the First Ever Oscar Awards! We're thrilled that we're able to hold it in Hollywood and have arranged a powerful event complete with high level networking, education as well as recognition of your achievement as a Best-Selling Author.

The first evening of the Summit and Awards Ceremony will begin with a reception honoring You where we'll be taking lots of photos and video. You'll get to meet your fellow Best-Selling Authors and begin networking with them. A photo of you with your book and fellow authors on the red carpet, will make a perfect display for you to have framed and placed in your lobby for all to see. This is just the beginning of a great event and it's your opportunity to meet and socialize with your fellow best-selling authors from around the world and begin to make friends and connections with for future JVs and affiliate relationships.

The reception is going to be held from 5:30 to 7:30 on Wednesday, October 19th. The next day we'll be holding the America's PremierExperts Product Launch, Joint Venture and Affiliate Summit with thought leaders and best-selling authors from around. We'll not only show you the fastest easiest way to turn your knowledge into salable products, we'll also have some of the top product launch experts on hand to show you how 7 Figures can be made in a matter of hours! (You may know who I'm alluding to based on what I just said, I can assure you it's a big name!) Then we'll provide a facilitated environment for growing your business through affiliates and joint ventures. It's going to be a profitable day you can't afford to miss!

The second day will be our Annual Thought Leader day and you will experience informative and entertaining exchange of ideas on the future of business and the economy. It is going to be a fast paced day with more than 15 personally selected thought leaders sharing the best of what they know to help you build your business and thrive in the new economy.

Each thought leader will present, in a unique fashion, a 20-minute "Power Talk," which will consist of a new idea or business strategy that you can put into place in your business or profession. Their presentations are sure to be profound because they will all be competing with each other and the top three will be voted on by you and the other Best-Selling Authors in attendance and awarded our PowerTalk™ Thought Leader of the Year Award.

The evening after the Thought Leader Summit we will take The Original Home of the Oscars by storm. We have partnered with legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in the Heart of Hollywood, to host our black-tie event. We will begin with a cocktail reception and Best-Seller's Signing Hour. This is your official book signing party where you and your fellow Best-Selling Authors will have an opportunity to meet and sign each other's books. It is a lot of fun and you will continue to connect with your fellow Best-Selling Authors to continue to grow your business and theirs!

Immediately after the official book signing and launch party, is the Best-Sellers' Awards Gala where you will be presented with your Best-Sellers' Quill Award. We will take photos of you with your award, just as you've seen stars backstage with their Grammy and Emmy awards and you will be interviewed on the red carpet after you accept your award. You will receive a professionally filmed and edited HD video of your interview, about being a best-selling author and accepting your Best-Sellers' Quill Award, to use on your website and in your marketing materials. This is an experience and an honor few ever have the possibility of achieving, so you won't want to miss out!

Although this is only the second year for the Best-Seller Awards, we believe that someday it can be the equivalent of the Oscars, the Emmys or the Grammys, but it's for you because you are a Best-Selling author. The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors is going all out to make this Ceremony on par with those organizations as will the award you will receive. Each Best-Sellers' Quill Award is a 12-inch statue that has been sculpted and crafted by the same people who make the Oscars and the Emmy Awards. They are truly unique, one-of-a-kind awards that you cannot get anywhere else and we're thrilled that they honored us, allowing us to honor you. Not only will this award be personal recognition of your accomplishment, you will want to put it in a strategic place for your clients and prospects to see and also recognize you for your Best-Selling Author status.

The awards ceremony will be a black tie affair, so get ready to get dressed up and have lots of fun. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of your clients when they walk into your office and see a 12-inch Best-Sellers' Quill Award on display? I am sure you know by now, like I do, that this is the can't miss event of the year where you're going to:

The awards ceremony will be a black tie affair, so get ready to get dressed up and have lots of fun. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of your clients when they walk into your office and see a 12-inch Best-Sellers’ Quill Award on display? I am sure you know by now, like I do, that this is the can't miss event of the year where you're going to:

We want to have you there with us and ask that you let us know of your acceptance as soon as possible. Reservations, in Hollywood are extremely limited at his time of year so we had to restrict our numbers.

To accept our invitation, please fill out your reservation form now so we can immediately reserve your spot so you are not disappointed when the event sells out.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and most importantly, we look forward to honoring you in beautiful Hollywood California to accept your Best-Seller's Quill Award. This is truly a once in a lifetime event and a life changing experience. See you there.

Nick, Jack and Lindsay